We had a fun Thursday at sleep away camp! We began our morning with some delicious french toast, then headed back to our cabins to get ready for the day. Then, we met at the field for some songs and games to get up and moving! After a rousing game of Giants, Wizards, Elves, the one-week campers began their choice activities–some went horseback riding, while others fished with Counselor Ben at the lake and climbed with Counselor Dana on Wally (our 26-foot climbing wall). Meanwhile, the backpackers headed out on their trip, while the remaining two-week campers created some beautiful tie-dye bandanas (parents, please wash those separately the first time!), and then helped to landscape our playing field. The campers are taking great pride in leaving camp better than they found it!

We had some yummy sloppy joes for lunch, and then headed back to our cabins for rest hour. After chilling out for an hour, the one-week campers went swimming in our camp lake, and also had the opportunity to make lanyards and sponge bugs. The two-week campers hopped in their kayaks and canoes and learned about boating from Counselors Nate, Annie, and Dennis! Everyone successfully completed their wet exit, and they had tons of fun playing sharks and minnows, and just cruising around the lake.

After swimming, kayaking, and canoeing, everyone took a quick shower to get nice and toasty warm, and then we had some popcorn for snack before free time. During free time, campers played board games, kicked around a soccer ball, played four square, and enjoyed each other’s company. Then, we headed to dinner, and filled up on some great mac n’ cheese! After dinner, campers headed back to their cabins to change into warm clothes, and then headed out on a night hike. It was fun to walk around when the sun was setting and we could see some lovely alpine glow! We closed our day with a campfire at the fire ring, and some super-yummy s’mores! All of the campers enjoyed roasting and eating their marshmallows. Delicious! Then, campers headed back to their cabins to for lights out. It was a wonderful day, and we’re excited for tomorrow!

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