We had an adventure-filled day at sleep away camp! We began our day with some delicious breakfast burritos, after which we headed back to our cabins to get ready for the day. We met on the field for some energetic songs and an action-packed game of Blog Tag! After getting energized, the two-week campers headed out to our camp lake for a morning of kayaking and canoeing  while the one-week campers headed back to their cabins to pack. We found every stray sock and water bottle! After packing and having cabin inspection, the one-week campers received their camp t-shirts and had a chance for some last few minutes of free time before lunch. Meanwhile, the two-week campers learned about bracing in kayaks, and about different paddle strokes in canoes.

We had make your own sandwiches for lunch–campers had a good time piling on the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and more! Then, the one-week campers headed over to the lodge to be picked up, while the two-week campers said “goodbye!” and headed back to their cabins for rest hour. In the afternoon, despite some drizzle from the skies, the two-week campers kayaked and canoed one last time. Even though it rained off and on, campers enjoyed doing one last wet exit, playing Irish basketball, and racing through games of sharks and minnows. Then, we all hopped into warm showers to warm up!

After getting nice and toasty warm, we had some delicious gorp for snack and had our free time. Campers played board games in the lodge, made lanyards, and enjoyed chatting with each other–and the returning backpackers!–until dinner, which was some great lasagna! A nice hot meal was excellent, as the day turned a bit chilly towards the end. Our campers’ spirits remain undaunted, however–we played a rousing few rounds of Bingo! for our evening program, and everyone was very involved. There were shouts of joy and groans at the various numbers called, and lots of heckling of the number caller. 🙂 It was great fun! Then, we headed back to our cabins to get some rest–tomorrow’s another big day!

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