We had an exciting second Tuesday at sleep away camp! After breakfast, the one-week campers headed out for their horseback ride, while the two-week campers headed into the second day of their Adventure Tracks. The climbers learned belaying, knots, and worked on bouldering, while the hikers headed to Crescent Meadow to hike down to the river and back! The one-week campers’ horseback ride was very exciting; at the very end of the ride, there was some thunder near us, and so we had to get off and walk our horses back to the barn. Everyone did a great job staying calm!

After a delicious lunch, we headed back to our cabins for rest hour–it was nice to have a quick nap! After rest hour, we had a lazy afternoon in our cabins, waiting for the thunder and lightning to pass. Campers enjoyed playing cards, board games, riddle games, and hanging out with each other. When the storm passed, we headed outside to the field, where we had some snack and running around time. Then, the two-week campers went back into their Adventure Track groups to finish up, while the one-week campers headed off to archery. Even though our day got switched around a bit because of the rain, everyone was very flexible and in good spirits!

After celebrating the backpackers’ return and eating a yummy dinner, we all met at the meeting hall, where we played a fun inclusion game. Campers put signs on their heads with different messages, such as “Ignore Me,” or “Treat me like I confuse you,” etc, and then went around treating people like their sign said to. Then, the campers had a chance to discuss how it felt to always be treated a certain way, regardless of what they did or didn’t do. The campers really enjoyed it, and several wanted to play another round! However, by then it was time for lights out, so we sang our closing song and headed to bed. Tomorrow promises to be another exciting day!

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