The Denver Juniors made the bus ride all the way up to Wondervu today, and what a beautiful day to do it!

Many of the campers got a chance to climb Wally, our 26 foot mobile rock climbing wall. A little bit of lightning rolled in, so whoever didn’t get to climb today will climb tomorrow morning before pool.

We built tons of forts out of sticks, tarps, and toobies. One group made it all the way to Thunder Ridge where they could see the continental divide!

We learned some new songs today, including Sherman the Worm, the Bean Song, and Go Bananas. Our altogether game that we played with the Explorers was Rock, Paper, Scissor Olympics, where we cheered on the people who defeated us in rock, paper, scissors.

Most importantly, we ordered gorp! We all agreed on the ingredients in the snack that we will mix and eat on Thursday and Friday. Rest up, tomorrow is pool day!

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