With the weather doing a complete 360 this morning, we jumped right back into sailing, climbing, hiking and most importantly- enjoying the sun! Of course, beautiful weather means extra energy at camp, and campers had plenty of opportunities to use it today!

Hikers journeyed the entire camp loop trail and decorated walking sticks, backpackers practiced building tents and doing some outdoor cooking, Ecology explored and studied some water bugs, and sailing even constructed their sail boats with Lesley before heading onto the lake!

After lunch, everyone enjoyed as counselors became “Carnies” for this afternoon’s Camp Carnival! Campers used their tickets for face painting, ring toss, balloons & darts, hula hoop rolling, knock-over-the-cans, among others! We had a special Camp Carnival appearance, too, as Tommy volunteered to be hit with sponges by some with very good throwing arms! (We had a few get him right in the face!!) Campers sang songs to earn more tickets- so with ongoing singing, cheers of excitement, laughing at Tommy getting hit with sponges- needless to say it was an awesome event!

After dinner, we all moved down to the amphitheater for the performance we’d all been waiting for- The Talent Show! We had some amazing camper and counselor performances, including song beautiful camper singing voices, stand up comedy, some hilarious skits from our Theater classes, dancing, some “yoga,” and even juggling fire!! We have some amazingly talented people here at camp!

We’re looking forward to venturing to down to the pool in Eldorado tomorrow!

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