The weather continues to get better here at 9,000 ft, and with this beautiful day at camp came many adventures. All of the 2-week campers enjoyed a sunny day at the Eldorado Springs pool- flying down the water slide, flipping through the air from the diving board, splashing around and eating yummy bagged lunches! 1-weekers enjoyed having the camp to themselves for some awesome activities with Annie, Olivia, Daniel and Brenden. Crafts, paddling, hiking, and enjoying the sun made for a great morning!

After returning to camp, 2-week and 1-week campers joined for their final Organized Free period of the session. Fishing, paddling, and kickball were in full blast! We had a delicious brisket and Matzah ball soup dinner, with some amazing homemade bread!

Tonight’s closing campfire brought songs, laughs, a few tears, and lots of great Key Log appreciations. Our 1-weekers got to learn what the Key Log ceremony means, and 2-weekers had a second chance to appreciate someone who’s helped make their journey at camp a successful one. After hanging out, enjoying the campfire, and reminiscing on their time spent at camp, campers finished up packing and were off to bed both sad and excited for the morning. We look forward to see you all tomorrow- and, hopefully, next summer!

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