We had a very eventful afternoon at camp welcoming our Session 2 Sleep Away Campers! Thanks to all of the family members and friends that made our move-in so successful. While reuniting with old camp friends, meeting new cabin-mates and counselors, hugging family and friends goodbye, settling in to cabins and bunks, unpacking, and of course singing songs and playing games, campers and counselors prepared for an amazing time at camp.

After some camp tours, get-to-know-you games, adventuring to the waterfront, and getting the feel of how camp will operate, everyone settled in for dinner. Spaghetti, sauce, meatballs, garlic bread, and even popsicles made for a great first meal together as a camp community. We even celebrated our first camper birthday with a surprise cupcake!

Campers and counselors spent a little more time getting to know everyone, decorate their cabins, and finish up unpacking before heading to Opening Campfire at the Amphitheater after dinner. Camp songs, introductions, explaining and understanding camp rules, and learning about the history of our camp made up tonight’s wonderful welcome to AO. We also played a few camp-wide games, including The Sun Shines On…, and Meet Everyone at Camp in Two Minutes! (For such a huge group, we did great!) We’re looking forward to Team Building activities and picking our program schedules tomorrow!

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