Another busy day to continue a great start to the week here at camp! 2-weekers totally rocked while working together this morning through six different team building activities with their cabin groups. Getting a marble through PVC pipe and into a bowl, crossing a “river” together on rocks, raising the magic hoop, walking on the wooden skis, and making a photo finish were just some of the great ways cabins used group strategies to work through challenges together. Then we got to learn about and choose our programs for the week! Activities such as horseback riding, climbing, outdoor exploring, backpacking, crafts, and many more filled everyone’s schedules for the first week of camp!

1-weekers enjoyed some awesome rock climbing and paddling this morning with Daniel, Brenden, Annie, Olivia, and Jessi! Everyone enjoyed the view from the top of the crag, and got to spend some time in the sun in the kayaks and canoes.

After lunch and rest hour, campers had their first Organized Free period of the week! Fort building, kickball, board games, swimming, and writing letters were a hit- but perhaps most exciting was trying out the Key Log in the lake with Tommy!  Some brave campers were the first to take a walk on the Key Log this afternoon and had a great time!

A very close game of Starburst Relay started after dinner as cabins tried to be the first to find and collect all 10 Starburst of one color and race them back to their team! A beautiful rainbow was overhead as campers raced around and worked together. We then moved to our cabin campfire spots to discuss and write our Cabin Codes of Living for our time here together. We all enjoyed sitting around the fire, sharing stories, and looking forward to starting all of our activities tomorrow.

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