We said goodbye to Jenna, Jay, and our backpackers as they were off for their overnight this morning- and they’re very excited for the good weather in store for their night in Rocky Mountain National Park. We know they’ll have a blast!

Our first day of second round programs was a success, including horseback riding, sailing, theater, crafts, and many others. Hiking with Dana and Chris had some amazing views as they trekked all around camp property during their morning program! Open Space during third period was lead by very talented campers- meditation was truly relaxing, log rolling with Tommy keeps getting better and better as campers and counselors get the hang of it, tie-dyeing made some beautiful bandanas, fishing from canoes enjoyed some quality time on the water, and photography got to use both a DSLR and 35mm film camera! (Some of tonight’s photos were even taken by campers!)

Tonight’s evening program was an exciting, and goofy, night hike- a mix of great sunset views, cabin bonding, stories of why pirates wear eye patches, seeing if mints really spark when you chew them in the dark, and singing along the camp trails! We can’t wait for our second day of programs tomorrow.

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