This morning the 1-weekers enjoyed a beautiful horseback ride through the woods trails down at the stables with Daniel and Annie! Afterwards, they had fun on the lake during one of the most sunny and beautiful afternoons at camp this summer!

2-weekers had some great adventures during their last day of first-half-of-the-week activities, including sailing across the lake, catching some rainbow trout, learning all about owls, performing some great improv with Wes in theater, creating mystical paper mache animals with Kylee, and preparing to head out on an overnight backpacking trip! Jenna, Jay, and their group are very excited for their overnight trip Thursday-Friday!

Evening program tonight was an experience unique to AO- campers planning their programs for Open Free Period, for Thursday and Friday afternoon. Key Log Rolling, photography, fishing from canoes, tie-dyeing, meditating, hula hooping, rock throwing, and Tae Kwon Do were just some of the great ideas campers brainstormed to lead and participate in! We’re looking forward to an awesome Open Free with such an energetic group of campers!

After planning and signing up for activities, campers and counselors enjoyed Embers at their cabin campfire spots. Campers learned about the phrase “I Can’t,” and how to get past using it, and thinking it. During Embers, we had a funeral for the words “I Can’t,” and watched challenges and troubles that we’ve had with these words burn away. We look forward to starting our second half of the week programs tomorrow!

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