We welcomed our backpackers back to camp this morning, and were so happy to hear about their adventure! The group had a great time outdoor cooking, hiking, setting up tents, and being outside. Horseback riders got to ride a bit longer today, brought bagged lunches, and had their lunch out on the trail with Ben! The views were beautiful, and the warm and sunny weather made for a great afternoon at the stables.

After our last activity periods of the week, campers and counselors enjoyed a camp-wide game of Gold Rush- where cabin groups had to search all over camp for gold nuggets, and make it back to the bank without those pesky Bandits interfering! Campers came up with some impressive strategies, and got nearly every gold nugget safely to the bank!

We had a delicious dinner tonight, of chicken, soup, rice, homemade bread, vegetables, and salad. We dressed up, dined with tablecloths, thought about what a great week we’ve had together, and prepared for tonight’s campfire.

Tonight’s campfire had a theme of “Be Yourself.” We had some inspiring quotes and stories from campers and counselors, sang “If You Want to Sing Out,” and “Lean On Me,” and reflected on our week. Tommy told us the story of the Key Log- and how many years ago, men sending huge trees downriver to where they were needed often came across the problem of moving logs that were stuck in the chaos. They called those Key Logs, and at campfire tonight, we talked about overcoming our own Key Logs. Campers and counselors stood up and shared some very special recognition to friends at camp that have helped their journey in moving their personal Key Log downriver, and placed it into the fire. We said goodbye to our 1-week campers, and miss them already.

We look forward to spending the day in the meadow tomorrow!

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