We certainly had an emotional morning at camp, saying goodbye to all of our 1-week friends. After breakfast, we helped pack, said goodbyes and see-you-next-summer’s, and 2-weekers got ready to head to the meadow. On this very sunny morning, we enjoyed hiking all around the meadow and taking in the beautiful views. We played parachute games, frisbee, did some reading, wrote letters, and relaxed a little at this halfway point through the camp session.

After lunch and rest hour, we played a round of camp Auction! Cabins worked together and got creative to earn points through various challenges. Building a zoo with pipe cleaners, making a fort that could withhold a bucket of water, drawing a mural of what their cabin’s done at camp so far, putting on a 5 minute puppet show, and building a fire that could be lit with 3 matches or less were among the harder tests! Campers came up with group strategies, used their imagination and put their camp skills to the test to earn points to bid on prizes such as: Tom playing guitar for their cabin during rest hour, being first in line for snack, first to the salad bar, lanyard making with Jen, and even pouring a bucket of water over a director of their choice’s head!

We look forward to welcoming our new 1-week campers tomorrow! (And sleeping in an extra hour, and heading to breakfast in our PJ’s!)

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