Friday’s are a special day here at Camp Granite Lake!  Jr’s headed out first thing to the Gilpin County Recreation Center and enjoyed a morning and picnic lunch at the pool.  Campers loved going down the water slide and taking a ride on the school bus!

Back in camp, our Intermediate and Senior villages enjoyed a full day of activities.  We had great weather and enjoyed french toast for breakfast and deli sandwiches for lunch.

Friday evenings are our all camp campfire and keylog ceremony.  Campers headed back to their cabins a few minutes early from Organized Free Time to put on some ‘nicer’ clothes, and then enjoyed a dinner of beef with curry, rice, fresh vegetables, and ‘dirt’ for desert (pudding, oreos and gummy worms!).

We had a beautiful evening for a keylog ceremony, and everyone enjoyed hearing campers describe the great things that had happened at camp throughout the week.

Another great day at camp!

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