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Tuesday in Eldorado Canyon!

Today we headed out to Eldorado Canyon on the bus with the rest of the campers and sang the “Moose Juice” song, as well as the “Hippo Song” and “Boom chicka Boom”. Next we played a handshake memory game, which everyone rocked at! Afterwards we made our water bottles and had a song filled sunscreen […]

Fabulous Friday!

What a week! Our Friday began with “Get Loose” and “The Fishing Song”, which everybody enjoyed. We learned a new game called Evolution, where everyone starts out as a caterpillar and plays Rock Paper Scissors with other caterpillars. Eventually you move on up to a butterfly! Because it was so very hot today, we did […]

Super Duper Pool Thursday!

Oh man, was today huge for the Juniors! We began our day with the songs “Baby Shark” and “Beaver Crawl”, and then our Junior Leader Lily lead a great couple of rounds of blob tag! Our blob worked very well together and managed to catch everyone! We had a big sunscreen party and made sure […]

Sunny Eldorado Wednesday!

The Chocolate Pumas and the Crystal Kookaburras headed back into Eldorado Canyon for another butterfly filled day! We sang “Get Loose” and “Boom-chicka-boom” with everyone, then we played “I Spy and Simon Says”. After our group games we started our beautiful tissue paper butterflies, which flew around the canyon in the nice breeze. Next we […]