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Sunday-Cabins vs Wild!

We began our Sunday with a refreshing late wake up (we slept in until 7:30!) and a delicious breakfast. After eating their fill, campers returned to their cabins to get them spick and span for the big inspection by Director Tommy. Then, we headed to the camp gym, where we played a rousing game of […]

Last Day in Denver!

Today was the last day of camp in Denver and we went out with a bang! We sang morning songs and the campers worked on a teambuilding activity before heading off to Cherry Creek State Park. On the way to our base in the park we spotted 2 White Tailed Deer! We picked a nice […]

Last Day for the Wildcats

Today was the last day of camp for most of the Killer Wildcats and we made it one to remember! Instead of heading to Bluff Lake as originally planned, we returned to Cherry Creek State Park to get more shade and water in anticipation of the heat. We headed to a brand new spot called […]