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Eldorado Canyon: Tuesday at Wondervu

We had such a fun time at camp today! We hit a bit of traffic on the way up but sang some songs and got through it! It was climbing day, so we started right away! The first group climbed while the others sang songs and played a game of, “The Sun Shines On…”. The […]

Rainy, Fun Day at Wondervu

We had a great time up at the AO Camps property, Camp Wondervu, today! Campers began their day with some fun morning songs, including Get Loose, the Humpty Dumpty Rap, and Penguins Unite. We also did some fast body movements to warm up–they were really energetic! Then, we played a fun game called Balance, about […]

Monday in the Canyon!

We had a great second Monday in Eldorado Canyon! We began our day with sunscreen and morning songs, including Head and Shoulders, Baby, Peel Banana, and the Princess Pat. We also played Resources, a game that explains to campers how animal populations are dependent on the existence of certain resources. Cabin groups filled up their […]

Final Friday of Session 1!

We had an awesome final day of session 1! We began our day with some fun morning songs, including Great Big Moose, Baby Bumblebee, and Brown Squirrel. Then, we played one last round of Evolution–ask your camper how to play! We then put on sunscreen and split up into our cabin groups for a great […]