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Fishing and Archery!

The Eldorado Canyon campers had an awesome day of fishing in the morning, and archery in the afternoon! In the a.m., we headed to Sawhill Ponds, where we sang some fun morning songs and slathered on sunscreen before fishing. With the help of our Driver, Ed, we caught several sunfish and even a trout that […]

Eldo Fishing Day!

Today, we headed to Sawhill Ponds in east Boulder to fish! We caught several sunfish and even a large-mouth bass! It was very exciting–all of the campers liked petting the caught fish (before we threw them back) and looking at the wriggly worms on their fishing hooks. It was pretty hot, so we started out […]

Fishing Day!

The Eldorado Canyon campers had an awesome day today–we headed out to Sawhill Ponds to fish, and believe it or not, we actually catch a bunch of fish! It was very exciting–check out our-password protected photos website (photos.aocamps.com) for pictures! We began our day on the bus, with rousing renditions of Titanic and Leo the […]

Have You Ever Gone a Fishin’ on a Bright and Sunny Day??

Today we went to Sawhill Ponds to go fishing! We began the day singing ‘Around the World’ the ‘Bumblebee Song’ and an spanish speaking song that Lily taught us. We put on extra extra sunscreen and played a camp favorite game called ‘Categories’. After sunscreen and game we broke into cabin groups to go fishing! […]