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Eldo Session 2: Day 2!

We had a wonderful second day of our session! We began our second day in camp up in Eldorado Canyon, where we sang the Moose Song and the Beaver Song–ask your camper to do the beaver call! Then, we played a quick game called Commonalities, where campers had a chance to learn about what they […]

Fishing Day!

The Eldorado Canyon campers had an awesome day today–we headed out to Sawhill Ponds to fish, and believe it or not, we actually catch a bunch of fish! It was very exciting–check out our-password protected photos website (photos.aocamps.com) for pictures! We began our day on the bus, with rousing renditions of Titanic and Leo the […]

Wednesday-Climbing, Exploring, Tie-Dye, AND a Talent Show!

We had a huge day at sleep away camp today! We began our morning with a fortifying breakfast, and then split into two groups. The older campers headed out with Counselors Jasmine, Pete, and Phil for a second day of climbing, while the younger campers headed out with Counselor Lily, Program Director Jen, and Nurse […]

Monday-Rafting, Ropes, Egg Drop!

We began our week with a high-energy Monday–the older campers headed out directly after breakfast for rafting, while the younger campers headed down to the ropes course to participate in some teambuilding challenges. The younger campers enjoyed “beating” the jaws mobile, the mohawk walk, and even the nitro pit! Meanwhile, the older campers headed to […]