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Sunday-Cabins vs Wild!

We began our Sunday with a refreshing late wake up (we slept in until 7:30!) and a delicious breakfast. After eating their fill, campers returned to their cabins to get them spick and span for the big inspection by Director Tommy. Then, we headed to the camp gym, where we played a rousing game of […]

Terrific Tuesday!

Today was a fantastic day.  We started off the day with an insightful game Wearing Different Hats.  Each camper was given a cone with a sticker on it describing how to treat them, such as “give me a high five” and “ignore me.”  The campers had 10 minutes to interact with as many different people […]

Fabulous First Day!

We had a great first day of the session in Eldorado Canyon today! We started off with songs and a get-to-know-you game called The Sun Shines On, where we learned a little bit about our shared likes and interests.  We also learned about the camp rules and boundaries.  Then all the campers split off into […]

Stellar Start to the Week

We had a great day in Canyon today!  The Radioactive Flying Portapotties from Jupiter went on a long and adventurous hike this morning.  A short story kept the campers hiking strong.  The Fiery Hungarian Dragon Citruses spent the morning on teambuilding; the campers found the activities challenging, but they persevered and they had a great […]