Eldorado campers had a great start to week 2 in the canyon. We started the morning singing ‘Tarzan’, ‘Black Socks’, and ‘Little Red Wagon’. “The Snib Llamas” and “The yellow united monkeys of doom” went on  a hike to the cave. We explored the cave and speculated how the cave was created, and what happened to the rock that looks as if it could be a puzzle piece pulled out and laid beside the creek. They ate lunch and did some team building activities before the long hike back up to camp.

The Jr. Leaders worked on team building and jr leader training throughout the day!  Jr. Leaders did the human knot and magic hoop for team building and worked on  skits to be presented on Friday to the rest of camp.

We closed the day with an awesome round of’  ‘Bumble Bee Tuna’ and of course ‘Spaghetti’.

We are excited to climb tomorrow!!

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