Today we headed out to Eldorado Canyon with all the older campers! We sang “Tarzan” and “Head and Shoulders”, and played “Giants, Wizards and Elves”. Needless to say we had quite the fantastical menagerie roaming around the pad at the Canyon. Afterwards we had a sunscreen party and started our pom pom caterpillars! While we were waiting for them to dry we walked around the canyon searching for……..butterflies! We caught 5 different ones, 4 of which we managed to put in our mobile butterfly garden. We named them Tiger, Blackie, Greenie, and Brownie, and we set them all free before we headed back to Base Camp with Ed! We finished our caterpillars by adding legs and antenna, and then we created our GORP recipe, which will be delicious! Our day ended with a debrief of how we felt that day at camp and a rousing chorus of “On Top of Spaghetti”. We will be back in Eldorado Canyon tomorrow, so look out butterflies because here we come!

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