Today was our amazing, super-cool, impressive trek all the way up to the ruins of the Crags Hotel in Eldorado Canyon! The counselors were so impressed that all of the campers hiked all the way up to the ruins–it was 1.4 miles and 700 feet of elevation gain! 🙂

We began our day with some fun songs and games, including “Around the World” and “Tarzan” for songs and Giants, Wizards, and Elves for our altogether camp game. It was so fun singing and playing with our junior campers this morning! After songs and our game, we sunscreened, drank some water, and head out on our epic hike! We saw several other hikers, and enjoyed learning about the various trees and rocks of Eldorado Canyon from our Inclusion Director Jess, who joined us on our hike. After stopping several times to drink water, we reached the ruins of the hotel!

We immediately ate lunch, because everyone was starving, and then took some time to explore the ruins of the hotel. We saw a concrete fountain, some of the old retaining walls, and some old rusty nuts and bolts. After exploring, we all hung out in the shade for awhile and learned how to make bracelets. The bracelets end up looking like caterpillars–all the campers really enjoyed making them!

After re-sunscreening and refilling our water bottles, we headed back down the trail, stopping occasionally for water and photo opportunities. Our campers are so photogenic! We reached the pad around 2:30 and decided to have a bit of chill time–we refilled our water bottles again and had some free play. After play, we finished our day with some yummy gorp for snack and a discussion of our rose and thorn for the day. Each camper said their rose–their favorite part of the day–and their thorn–their least favorite part of the day. We didn’t have many thorns, which we always like to hear! After finishing our snack, we ended the day with some closing songs, including “Bumblebee Tuna” and that old standard, “On Top of Spaghetti.”

Tomorrow, we’re climbing in the morning and then heading to the pool! Should be an amazing day, can’t wait to see everyone there!

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