We began the day singing “Around the World” and ” The Moose” song. We played an amazing round of “Ship/Island”! campers worked  together and worked on listening and following directions. We sat down and had a snack while listening to rules and what to expect for the day! Campers separated into cabin groups and met their counselor . We decorated water bottles and played name games. We created cabin group names: Aly’s group is “Dark Side Troopers”, Eric’s group is “the No Name Fireball Dragos” Lily’s group is ” The Orange Cowboy Pickles of Extreme Mountain Awesomeness”  and Phil’s group are the “Bulldogs”.

Everyone went for a hike, and toured the park, we played games and ate GORP! Lily’s group held a funeral for the butterfly they found on the trail. All in all a great first day!

We are looking forward to the rest of the session and all of our hike tomorrow!

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