The Juniors started the day at the South Mesa trailhead, where we sang with the Eldorado Canyon group: The Doughnut Song and The Princess Pat. Then we played a game of centipede tag before heading out on the trail for an insect and butterfly hunt. We stopped in the shade of a tree for a water and sunscreen break, and we each built an animal house to share with the group. We hiked to our lunch spot, in the shade of another tree. Not too far away– but far enough!– were some prickly pear cacti and lots of insects, like spiders, daddy long legs, and ground wasps. Before we started back toward the trailhead, our junior leaders helped us cool off by spraying us down with some water! We all got refills in our water bottles, put on another layer of sunscreen, and sang Bumblebee Tuna and I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee on our way to the river. We took turns dropping sticks, leaves, and cottonwood cotton into the river on one side of a small bridge and watching it rush down the river from the other side. We climbed into the bus and headed back to the cool Base Camp room, where we made our very own bumblebees. After playing, debriefing, and snack, it was time to go home. Rest up, tomorrow is Pool Day! It was really hot today, so it can’t hurt to drink more water at home!

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