Yesterday we knew it would be hot, so we made plans to go swimming today instead of going to Bluff Lake. The juniors started the day with a restroom break and a sun screen party at Central Park.
We hiked the South Westerly Creek trail and enjoyed looking for prairie dogs and beavers. Betsy’s group was known as the train gang and Pete’s group were known as the Denver Broncos. The groups enjoyed acting like trains and football players as we hiked the trail. Right before we stopped for lunch the group witnessed the largest group of birds flying together as a swarm hunting for food. It was a cool sight to see.
We looped back around and ended at Central park where we had a nice lunch with our groups and had some fun running around before the bus picked us up to go to the pool. When we got to the pool goggles were strapped on and smiles were had by all as we splashed around in the water. All of the campers listened well and we were able to have a very successful early pool day. The juniors were excited to hear that they would be going back to the pool tomorrow too!
We were picked up and taken to Fletcher Elementary for quiet time and we tried a new system which kept the kids nice and quiet as they listened to some stories and songs. Everyone seemed pretty worn out after the pool and rested quietly on their mats.
When we left to go to the green the kids seemed very satisfied with the schedule of the day. Pool day again tomorrow. Make sure to get plenty of water and rest for another fun day at camp. See you soon!

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