We began the day at Mesa trail head. We sang ‘The princess Pat’ and ‘Tarzan’. We played categories, where the campers were given a topic and the campers found other campers who enjoyed the camp commonalities. We then broke into our cabin groups and discussed pool rules, and what to expect when we got to the pool, and throughout the day.

When we arrived at the pool and listened to the lifeguard go over the rules one more time. We  changed into our suits soaked up some sunscreen and headed to the water! Tommy surprised us at the pool and swam with the kid for  a while, we hope to see him again at the pool soon!

We had a little rain this afternoon luckily it was when we were crafting right after lunch. Fifteen min of rain and the kids were back in the pool!

We  finished the day with drinking lots of water and refreshing carrots!

What a great day at Eldorado Springs Pool!! We are excited to be back in the canyon tomorrow!

An all Camp game is on the menu for tomorrow morning!

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