Today was our first day of the session at Eldorado Canyon, and it was a great day with beautiful weather! We started our day on the bus making the trek up into the mountains, and preparing for the rigorous day ahead of us. When we showed up at “The Pad” in the canyon, we quickly sun screened up and got ourselves hydrated so we could start the activities as soon as possible.

The activities began with camp songs, which had the best reception of any song session so far this summer! With the positive energy we had created with the songs, we promptly departed on a huge hike up the Fowler Trail. The trail had many fascinating things to see along the way including professional rock climbers, eagles nests, a very curious jackrabbit named Bixby, and many signs of the famous ‘Shockdee’ and his wife (ask the kids, they were very enthralled with the story of ‘Shockdee’!). We hiked all the way on the trail till we were out of the canyon and could see the beautiful view of the entire Denver area. We ate lunch along the trail and made our way back to the pad.

Once we returned, we visited the ranger station and had a very successful bug hunt, where we caught everything from a grey lady bug to an inch-worm.

Thoroughly exhausted from the day, we headed back to the bus where we sang our evening songs and made our way back to Stapleton. With pool day ahead of us, we all vowed to get lots of rest and eat well tonight.

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