Today the Juniors spent the day at Westerly Creek. We started off the morning with a bit of running to get energized for the day and played a game where we all pretended to be animals! We had some super fast cheetahs in the group! We sang some morning songs including Peanut Butter Reeses Cup and Wide Awake Alert Enthusiastic. We then went on a hike and the campers really enjoyed looking at the creek and echoing their voices in the seashells.

After lunch the campers played some great games including The Ant Game, Sleeping Bunnies and Poisonous Frog! We then went to Fletcher School for some quiet time, stories and guitar playing. Campers got a chance to do Code in Action in each cabin group and color some fun bug pictures! We wrapped up the day at the Green and the campers had a great end of day.

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