Today, the Juniors hiked up the trail at Marshall Mesa. We saw a speeding river, many dragon flies, and hills of ants. When some campers went to find a good bathroom spot, they even found a large toad! We sang a few songs today, starting with the Alligator song and Baby Shark, and rounding out the day with Three Little Angels and On Top of Spaghetti. The new games we learned today include Matching (grab a partner- head to shoulders! Knees to toes!) and Turtle Tag. We played a couple drinking games and put on sunscreen like it was going out of style. After spending the morning outside, we came back to base camp and heard a story about Anasase and the Lizard. Look out in our backpacks for our new friends: some snakes might have snuck in! Everyone made such elaborate homes for our new snake friends. We were sure to play and then share what body part we used a lot today before having snack and heading home. Be sure to bring your swim stuff tomorrow because it’s Pool Day!

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