The Boulder JRs started the day on the camp bus with Ed (our awesome bus driver) to Eldorado Canyon. We started the day off with a hike to the Ranger station, and the orange group (Fire Fox Tigers) made rain-sticks. The yellow group (The Exciting Ewoks) explored the Ranger Station. We had lunch at the picnic tables over looking the river. We hiked back to the bus and drove back to base camp, we had a surprise waiting…A group known as The Common Body came to talked to use about heathy living.  We ate oranges while we discussed what foods we need  to fuel our bodies. We colored a picture to represent what our bodies need to keep us healthy and active. Then we made our own popcorn and put different toppings on to represent a nutritious snacks. Then get ready for it….we got to eat the popcorn, that was the best! After the popcorn we got another treat, Yoga time with a amazing yoga instructor. This was a day full of happy, healthy and fun activities!

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