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Boulder Juniors do archery!

All three cabin groups of Juniors hopped on the bus this morning (The Turquoise Hearts, the Rockstar Chickens Who Eat Corn on the Cob, and the Nacho Macho Men) and headed up to Wondervu. We applied sunscreen and quickly walked to the archery range. Counselor Amanda instructed us on the proper way to shoot the […]

Tuesday at Sleep Away!

We had an exciting second Tuesday at sleep away camp! After breakfast, the one-week campers headed out for their horseback ride, while the two-week campers headed into the second day of their Adventure Tracks. The climbers learned belaying, knots, and worked on bouldering, while the hikers headed to Crescent Meadow to hike down to the […]

Second Sunday at Sleep Away!

We had a fun Sunday here at sleep away camp! We began with a lazy breakfast–it was fun to sleep in for an hour, and then to see Director Tommy cook the camper’s breakfast orders! Campers could choose their omelet ingredients, and whether they wanted plain or fruit pancakes. It was good fun! After breakfast, […]

Kites and Archery at Sleep Away Camp!

We had a fun Saturday at sleep away camp! We began our day with some delicious granola, yogurt, and fruit for breakfast, and then headed back to our cabins to get ready for the day. After filling water bottles and applying sunscreen, we hopped onto the camp bus and headed to Crescent Meadow for the […]