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Eldorado Canyon: Thursday!

The campers all had a great Thursday back at camp! We got there in record time, sang our songs and played a game of “Ship, Island.” There were a lot of new commands and we were all laughing by the end of the game! After sunblock and filling our water bottles, the groups began heading […]

Eldorado Canyon: Wednesday!

Due to the weather, pool day was cancelled– but we still had an awesome day! We took a little adventure to NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research! As soon as we arrived we did sunblock and filled our waterbottles before heading out on a hike! We took a few breaks to take in the […]

Eldorado Canyon Tuesday: Climbing Day!

The campers had a great day climbing today! We got started right away so that the campers could have time to explore, climb and see the wonderful views at our climbing site! While the first group climbed the rest did songs and played a game of Evolution– it was great to see everyone’s eggs, chickens, […]

Eldorado Canyon Monday at Wondervu!

We had a great start of the second week at camp! After arriving at camp Wondervu, everyone gathered for songs and a game of “The Sun Shines On.” After, once we we all put on sunscreen and filled our water bottles, all the campers went on a hike around the perimeter of the property. We […]