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Thursday at Wondervu!

We had a wonderful day at Wondervu today! The weather started out great and we were able to start the groups fishing right away! The other groups did their planned activities and team building exercises while we took turns fishing. The groups built a structure using Toobeez and another group told the story of Shock-T. […]

First Day of the Session!

We had an awesome first day at camp today! We started the day driving up Coal Creek Canyon to Camp Wondervu! All the campers circled up for songs– “Tarzan” and “Baby Bumblebee” and then we played a game of Ship-Island! After the groups met with their counselors for a good ole’ sunblock party, we went […]

Busy Wednesday at Sleep Away!

We had a big Wednesday at sleep away camp! After breakfast, sunscreen, songs, and games, the two-week campers who chose to do a second horseback ride headed out, while the other two-week campers did some awesome leatherwork and fished in our camp lake. It was great fun to see the campers gain and enjoy some […]

Second Sunday at Sleep Away!

We had a fun Sunday here at sleep away camp! We began with a lazy breakfast–it was fun to sleep in for an hour, and then to see Director Tommy cook the camper’s breakfast orders! Campers could choose their omelet ingredients, and whether they wanted plain or fruit pancakes. It was good fun! After breakfast, […]