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Second Sunday at Sleep Away!

We had a fun Sunday here at sleep away camp! We began with a lazy breakfast–it was fun to sleep in for an hour, and then to see Director Tommy cook the camper’s breakfast orders! Campers could choose their omelet ingredients, and whether they wanted plain or fruit pancakes. It was good fun! After breakfast, […]

Fun Full First Day at Sleep Away Camp!

We had an awesome first day of sleep away camp! We began our day with some delicious pancakes for breakfast, then headed back to our cabins to put on sunscreen and do “camp tidy” before meeting at the camp field to sing some morning songs. We began with a camp classic, Tarzan, and also did […]

Final Friday in the Canyon!

We had a great final friday of camp in the canyon! We began our day with some fun morning songs, including “Humba-humba,” The Moose Juice Song, and The Peel Banana Song. Campers then enjoyed a classic game of Ship-Island; we loved following all of the silly commands! After playing, campers put on sunscreen and began […]

Climbing Tuesday in the Canyon!

We had a great climbing day today in the canyon! We began our day with some groovy morning songs, including Boom-Chicka-Boom, Little Red Wagon, and One Hen, Two Ducks. Then, we played a fun game of Evolution–campers played rock, paper, scissors to grow from eggs to chickens to dinosaurs! After sunscreening and drinking some water, […]